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🗓️ 22 February 2023

⏱️ 57 minutes

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Penn Badgley [You, Gossip Girl] talks with Anna about love, heartbreak, the science behind relationships, artistic integrity, and much more.

To hear more of Penn, check out his podcast Podcrushed!

Gioia, today’s first caller, questions if she should give up on a friendship with someone who continually lets her down.

Next, Anna and Penn talk with Shaneen who, after breaking a little boy’s heart twenty-two years ago on Valentine’s Day, wonders if she’s been cursed.

Would you like Unqualified relationship advice from Anna and her co-hosts? Write to Unqualified at bit.ly/ASKANNA !

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Hey everyone, thanks for listening to Unqualified. You know today's guess from Gossip Girl


and more recently as the star of the hit series You. Here he is, Penn Badgley.


Hi Penn. Hey Aura. I've been listening to your podcast, podcrushed. Oh, cool. Thank you.


I love it that you examine sort of the early formative experiences. You are very good at it.


Thank you. It doesn't always feel that way. Certainly. I feel like we're stumbling around a lot.


But because it is kind of what the whole thing is about and because we have people tell


middle school stories and just think about that time, it makes it easy, you know. Well,


you're excellent at it and thoughtful and empathetic. You were born in Baltimore and then


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