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PATTON OSWALT Hated a Beach Read

Family Trips with the Meyers Brothers

Seth Meyers and Josh Meyers

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🗓️ 12 March 2024

⏱️ 77 minutes

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Patton Oswalt joins Seth and Josh on the pod this week! They talk about everything from living in alpine cabins, Patton writing letters to his father when he was in the marines, how some dogs have “aunt energy,” what Patton’s daughter really thinks about him voicing Ratatouille, and so much more! Nissan Go find your next big adventure, and enjoy the ride along the way. Learn more at nissanusa.com Airbnb Support comes from Airbnb your home might be worth more than you think find out how much more at airbnb.com/host to learn about hosting. Marine Layer Find your new favorite fits and get 15% off @marinelayer with our exclusive link marinelayer.com/trips Saving your closet one shirt at a time. Squarespace Go to Squarespace.com/TRIPS to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain. Eightsleep Improve the way you sleep by using our link at eightsleep.com/trips for $200 off plus free shipping on their high tech Pod 3 Cover. "

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Here we go.


Hi, Pashi, I'm Pashi. Hi Sufi.


Well this is a real delight for me having eyes on you.


Why is that?


Because I can tell that you're sitting in your childhood bedroom.


Yeah, it's not, I mean it's not preserved the way...


It's fairly preserved.


Yeah, it's fairly preserved, but these weren't my colors.


This is, it's very sort of...


The color pattern is different.


There is over your left shoulder.


Three photos you took years ago at the Pittsburgh Zoo


that were then framed.


Yeah, there's a lion, there's a yack, and there's a sun bear.


I believe it's called a sun bear.


I was very proud of them.


Very proud of them.


Not a lot of reason to be proud of him. These were real basic pictures of these animals and as a young person I remember.


It's that thing where because you were proud of them and because mom and dad are good parents they frame them for you.


Yeah. Barely, lousy frames. Oh yeah, no they're not. Store-bought, slide-in, click. Yeah, they


would definitely be Amazon frames in today's world, but there's also still above your bed. There's a poster of cows. Do you want to tell everybody the terrible mistake you made with cows as a young man?


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