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Pandora’s Gamble with Alison Young

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🗓️ 20 June 2023

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We don’t have definitive proof of how COVID-19 emerged. But lab leaks happen more often than you probably think.

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America dissected his brought to you by the Dabomot Foundation. For 25 years, the Dabomot Foundation has worked to create practical solutions that improve the health of communities across the country.


The Foundation advances policy, builds partnerships and strengthen systems to give everyone the opportunity to achieve their best possible health.


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A Pills Court reinstated a provision of the Affordable Care Act that requires health insurers to cover preventive care services.


After the departure of the White House COVID-19 coordinator, they're struggling to fill a permanent pandemic preparedness rule.


Over 60 laws targeting LGBTQ plus Americans have passed in state houses across the country. This is America Dissected. I'm your host, Dr. Abdul-Wal Sayer.


I want you to think back to your science class in high school. You know, clunky safety glasses, bunts and burners, frog dissections. Basically, our cover art.


Chances are your science teacher spent a good bit of time talking about technique. Either that or, well, some kid in your class probably lit their sweater on fire.


We like to think of science as being sterile, precise, perfect. But as your own experience in the science lab probably showed you accidents happen, particularly when you're dealing with dangerous chemicals, biological agents and fire.


Professional science labs are a long way away from your science class in high school. But even there, accidents happen a lot more than we care to admit.


But it's one thing to start a little fire. It's another to accidentally start a global pandemic.


There is new intelligence that's likely to rekindle the unsettled debate over the origins of COVID.


The US Department of Energy now says COVID-19 most likely came from a laboratory leak in China.


New report tonight on the origins of COVID-19, the US Energy Department now differing from some other government agencies, now saying that COVID may have originated from a Chinese lab leak.


To be clear, the Department of Energy and other agencies in the intelligence community have concluded that COVID quote, most likely emerged from a lab leak.


While we don't have definitive proof of how, in fact, it emerged, what we do know is that it happened in Wuhan, a city that houses the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a Chinese government laboratory that was doing research about coronavirus.


And we know that the Chinese government very quickly destroyed the evidence we would have needed to identify where, in fact, it emerged.


And hasn't been very forthcoming with its own data at all.


We also know that some of the research being performed in the laboratory had the unintended consequence of making the coronavirus strain more transmissible in mice.


That report came from the National Institute of Health, meaning our federal government, which funded an organization called EcoHealth Alliance that was doing research on coronavirus in Wuhan.


The NIH holds that that wasn't the aim of research, and the US-based nonprofit failed in their responsibility to report their findings to the NIH as required by the terms of their funding.


But this raises two broad issues.


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