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Norah Jones (Re-release)

Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Anna Faris

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🗓️ 21 July 2023

⏱️ 81 minutes

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In this special flashback episode, Norah Jones joins Anna to talk about music, teaching your kids to swear, the wink that changed Norah’s life, Keanu Reeves, Cyndi Lauper, Bob Marley and more. Later in the episode Anna is joined by dating expert, coach, matchmaker and creator of LEVEL Connections, April Beyer.

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Hey dear listeners, in today's flashback episode I get to talk with the incredibly talented Nora Jones.


Ladies and gentlemen, you are listening to On Qualified with your host, Anna Ferris.


How are you?


Nora, I don't know. How are you?


I'm fine. I don't know either. I don't know what's happening anymore.


Don't you feel like it's difficult to articulate our emotions?


Yes, because everything feels a little raw right now.


Yeah, it's hard and I just feel like it's all very up and down for everyone.


Even if they're lucky enough to not be convicted right now or it's people are going through so much.


So Nora, my heart is racing right now because I'm talking with somebody that I really admire.


So forgive me if I'm a little stumbling, but I cannot thank you enough for being here.


Oh, thank you. I'm so excited and I get nervous too.


You do? I get more nervous to talk than I do to sing.


I love that.


I was reading the piece in the New York Times where you spoke about that and understanding that you're an intimate person.


And I think that's also why I got pretty nervous because I talked to a lot of stand-ups.


And it's not easy navigation, but it's not the same as navigating a world with music that,


while I appreciate and love, I don't know anything about.


But you don't need to enjoy it.


Are you sure? No, you don't need to know anything about it to enjoy it, right? That's the good part.


I like that philosophy, but I also want to know as a curious person,


like I would love to be able to sing and I would love to understand sort of the crafting of a song,


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