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No One Wants War More Than Zelenskyy

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🗓️ 23 May 2024

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This morning, Joe discussed Zelenskyy's request for Congress to allow Ukraine to launch US missiles at Russia and introduced Ben Swann's docuseries "Ukraine Unmasked." After the break, Ben Swann joined the show to talk about Zelenskyy's rapid rise from TV personality to president and the subsequent Ukraine-Russia war. Ben pointed out that the war has enriched Ukrainian leaders and that increased public awareness in the US could lead to a halt in funding.

The discussion then shifted to globalist schemes and the need to educate people about these issues. They also touched on censorship, fact-checkers, and FBI/CIA involvement in suppressing alternative viewpoints. After Ben left, Joe discussed topics like Fauci, government actions, and maintaining the fight against despair. He concluded with a prayer and announced the launch of the Conservative Daily Challenge Coin at Honorboundusa.com.

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So welcome back to another episode.


Hey, listen, you're going to have to put up with this studio


for probably two more days.


And then on Monday, we should have it all set up.


I keep telling you guys that on that side of the wall, if you were, if I were to turn this around, which I can't, but if I were to turn it around, you would, you would wonder why I'm sitting in the middle of a construction site and it's so that I can talk to you.


We've got a lot to talk about today and I think one of the things that we probably should discuss is the 500,000 pound gorilla in the road.


And that gorilla is, it's pretty clear.


You have Zilinski is begging Biden for the permission to send American missiles into Russia.


In essence, Zilinski, who worked for the US and yesterday we talked a little bit about the fact that that decisions are made too


slowly that is now saying yeah let me just fire rockets into Russia now Joe Biden will likely


concede although I think anyone would conclude on either side of the aisle that


has any sort of common sense that that's a horrible mistake. Right now Ukraine, we've called


it a meat grinder and it is a meat grinder and now Russia is saying, listen, at the end of the day,


we're going to, we're either going to do this tactically which was what we're doing right now and you're going to get to the table for peace or it's going to escalate very quickly.


But it's hard not to look at the escalations and look at Salinsky given the Azov


Battalion the multiple bio labs that they had and the fact that this was the devil's playground for most of the


W E F in this radical left agenda. So we're going to have Ben Swan who's a


filmmaker. He's going to join us to talk about


Ukrainian president Zollinsky and who he really is. But before we do that I want to


highlight some things from yesterday. Yesterday we put up something with the gateway punishment. that


we put up something with the gateway pundit that Zollinsky begs Biden to allow Ukraine to launch U.S.


missiles into Russia.


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