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NFL Week 17, Fastest 2 Minutes, Bengals Huge Win, Antonio Brown Quits & An Interview With The Guy That Picked AB Up From Met Life

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🗓️ 3 January 2022

⏱️ 155 minutes

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Week 17 Fastest 2 minutes and recapping every game. (00:02:36 - 00:08:46) Vikings Packers (00:08:46 - 00:15:33) Bengals, Chiefs (00:15:33 - 00:27:30) Bucs, Jets + Bonus Interview (00:27:30 - 00:48:51) Eagles, WFT (00:48:51 - 00:55:43) Rams, Ravens (00:55:43 - 01:03:24) Raiders, Colts (01:03:24 - 01:11:38) Titans, Dolphins (01:11:38 - 01:20:54) Bills, Falcons (01:20:54 - 01:26:29) Patriots, Jaguars (01:26:29 - 01:31:31) Bears, Giants (01:31:31 - 01:41:19) Broncos, Chargers (01:41:19 - 01:44:23) 49ers, Texans (01:44:23 - 01:47:39) Saints ,Panthers (01:47:39 - 01:52:33) Seahawks, Lions (01:52:33 - 01:58:24) Cardinals, Cowboys (01:58:24 - 02:06:03) Plus Football Guy of the week and Who's back of the week. (02:06:03 - 02:34:29)

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Hey, part of my take listeners. You can find every episode on Apple podcasts, Spotify or YouTube.


Prime members can listen, add free on Amazon music.


On today's part in my take, week 17 of the NFL season, not the last week of the season, week 17.


We've got some big games to discuss. A lot of playoff picture has gotten clearer.


Some teams eliminated. Sorry, Jake. You were eliminated. Sorry, PFT. You were eliminated.


That's all right. Great Sunday, though. Great, witching hour, big games, awesome games.


We're going to do fastest two minutes. We're going to recap every single game.


We got football guy of the week. We got who's back of the week.


Maybe touch a little bit on some bowls because all we've been doing is watching football


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