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NFL Week 15 Fastest 2 Minutes, Colts Are For Real, Lions Huge Win And Recap Of Every Game

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🗓️ 20 December 2021

⏱️ 151 minutes

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NFL Fastest 2 Minutes kicks us off and we then go through every game from Sunday ( 00:02:04- 00:08:11) Colts/Patriots (00:08:11 - 00:17:30) Steelers/Titans (00:17:30 - 00:31:14) Lions/Cardinals (00:31:14 - 00:47:01) Bucs/Saints (00:47:01 - 00:51:48) Dolphins/Jets (00:51:48 - 00:59:31) Bills/Panthers (00:59:31 - 01:15:01) Cowboys/Giants (01:15:01 - 01:26:59) Texans/Jaguars ( 01:26:59 - 01:33:31) 49ers/Faclons (01:33:31 - 01:43:02) Bengals/Broncos (01:44:25 - 01:48:20) Ravens/Packers (01:48:20 - 02:01:19) Football guy of the week and who's back of the week wraps up the show. (02:01:19 - 02:27:13)

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Hey, part of my take listeners. You can find every episode on Apple podcasts, Spotify or YouTube.


Prime members can listen, add free on Amazon music.


On today's part of my take, week 15, fastest two minutes, and then we recap every game.


Kind of sad week because we have weird football schedules and everything's all out of order


because of COVID. But we will talk about every game. A couple thrillers, a couple great games,


Lions, unbelievable Dan Campbell coach of the year will get to that. We have football guy of the


week. We have who's back of the week and a great Monday show for you. There's only a few football


Mondays left in the calendar year. So embrace these shows and we're brought to you by our friends at


Toastitos Toastitos, the official chip and dip of the NFL. If you're watching football with your


friends, you need two things, a TV and some Toastitos end of list. No get together as official until


some Toastitos, the official chip and dip of the NFL get served. Fans can get in the game with


a custom recipe for their favorite team at Toastitos.com slash recipes. Toastito, the official chip and


dip of the NFL. I love Toastitos. You love Toastitos. We all love Toastitos. It is the best way to watch


football, whether you're watching it now Monday night football, Tuesday night football. It's Toastitos


all day every day. Now that we have football every single day this week, Toastitos, the official


chip and dip of the NFL go find out new recipes right now at Toastitos.com slash recipes. Okay, let's go.


It's part of my take. Welcome to part of my take, because then if I Toastitos, the official


chip and dip of the NFL today is Monday, December 20th, week 15. We started in Detroit where the


Cardinals has 13 point favorites make easy work of the Lions. Wait, what? It says the Lions beat the


Cardinals started at 12. Is someone jerking me off? What the hell's going on? Well then we started


in Detroit where Aman Ross, St. What can Brown do for you? Continues his hot streak and Craig


Killborn Reynolds was resourceful. The Cardinals are now left wondering is Cliff Dingelberry, the


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