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NEW YORK SH*TTY: White People Not Allowed to Defend Themselves!

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🗓️ 21 March 2024

⏱️ 68 minutes

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Dem. Ohio Representative Ismail Mohamed won his primary on Tuesday. His victory speech was EXCLUSIVELY in Somali. Yesterday, a judge ruled that Daniel Penny will stand trial in October for the choking death of Jordan Neely. While Penny will stand trial for being a good samaritan, the rest of NY isn’t faring much better. We also discuss Biden's CHIPS Act that he bragged about. Tune in.

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There are fewer evils greater on earth than the abuse and exploitation of innocent children.


Mud Club undercover, just so you know is teaming up with predator poachers to expose some horrible behavior and some things that are bigger scale than maybe you


may have been aware of in the past.


There is a group here called Babies Only.


It was a shit they post there, mostly babies?


Mostly some of them work. Yeah, it's bad shit, posting there mostly babies. Yeah, mostly some of them were.


Yeah, okay. Yeah, it's bad shit.


Yeah, it's bad.


There's a record of your account clicking on the video,


the video opening up and playing.


I'm just trying not, I'm not trying not to go to jail.


What's the typical, like have you seen any moms doing it to babies?


Yeah, yeah, there was on there.


Sexual stuff to the baby.


What about a video of you not getting beat up, but quote-to-quote exposing you and you're on the second federal registry for wife. There's a new Mug Club undercover project where we have worked tirelessly here behind the scenes with some pedophile hunters, I guess to use the term. It's putting on the lotion!


Then she rose and stood to free,


while causing such commotion,


creating such dish harmony.


But see blinded me with science.


She blinded me with science and failed gynecology.


Yeah, it is me when I'm standing next to the


blinding me the same. when I'm standing next to Sir.


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