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Napoleon's Complex Situationship


Julia Hava & Eliza McLamb

Society & Culture

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🗓️ 5 July 2023

⏱️ 83 minutes

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The girlies recount the history of humanity's most romantic creation — the love letter — and its contemporary counterpart, the sext. They talk James Joyce’s fart fetish, what revenge porn looked like in the 70’s, and why the American public waged war on teen sexting in the 2000’s. Digressions include raising awareness about The Great Vyvanse Shortage of 2023, a lament about the failure of American language education, and one listener’s poet boyfriend from hell.


What history’s love letters reveal

Famous Love Letters Throughout History 

A Brief History of Love Letters

Love letters in Shakespeare: As You Like It, Hamlet, and The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Napoleon’s Love Letters to Josephine

Oscar Wilde’s Stirring Love Letters to Lord Alfred “Bosie” Douglas

A Thing That Wants Virginia

Forbidden love: The WW2 letters between two men

A Brief History of Erotic Photography

A Brief, Dirty History of Sexting

The Self-Porning of American Youth

How Reggie Brown Invented Snapchat

Plus... Eliza getting cyberbullied on main  

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Hi everybody, welcome back to Vinch Topia. Hello and welcome back. I'm Julia Hava. I'm


Eliza McLam. If you would like to support us on Patreon where you can get access to


now two video episodes, you guys. We really outdid ourselves. So true, there are two


video episodes and more to come because we're kind of addicted to doing video episodes


now. But so those are on there are media soads, all sorts of fun things, and a community.


Come join the community. Come join the community. We're going to join the community


tonight as of the day. Oh my god. We literally are joining the community tonight.


To zoom. Can I talk about something that's like a huge problem in our society that literally


no one's talking about? Please speak on. There is a great stimulant war that is going


on right now. And there are no, I'm talking about Vivant specifically because that's


the medicine I take for my ADHD. But I tried to call my Vivant's in and I got the prescription


and the woman at CVS was like, it's on back order. And I'm like, okay, my psychiatrist


told me like, there's kind of a stimulant shortage, but like, okay, that's fine. And then


I call and it's like still on back order. And then she's like, if you want to get it,


I call other pharmacies and see if they have it. And then I call like five other pharmacies.


And eventually somebody's like, there is no Vivant's in the city of Los Angeles. Like


there are no stimulants in this city. And then I've been talking to my other ADHD friends


across the country. And they're like, there's literally no stimulants. Like nobody can


get their stimulants. I know. I really think it's because during


the pandemic, everybody went to like telehealth. And then everybody started being like, well,


now it's time for my Adderall. But I'm moving right now. And I've boxed


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