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My Favorite Murder Presents: Bananas - Episode 1: Pigeon Pants with Kristen Schaal

My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Exactly Right

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🗓️ 28 April 2020

⏱️ 55 minutes

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My Favorite Murder presents the first episode of Bananas where Kristen Schaal (Bob's Burgers, BoJack Horseman) joins Kurt Braunohler and Scotty Landes for the premiere! They discuss stories involving pigeons and pants, human tongues and jars, mysterious mashed potatoes and more!

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Okay, everybody get ready because we you guys are about to hear the very first episode of our newest exactly right podcast


bananas. It's hosted by our good friends, comedians,


Kirk Brannler and Scotty Landis. So each week Curtin Scotty are gonna bring you the most absurd shocking or


fascinating news from around the world and all these stories are absolutely true, but they're just weird enough that they're gonna make you go


that's bananas. So take a listen right now to the first episode with guests Kristen Shaw and then you can go to the


bananas feed directly and you can hear episode two with me George Hardstark that's out right now. And then please


subscribe and listen on Stitcher Apple Podcast or wherever you listen and follow the show on Instagram at


the bananas podcast. Enjoy. Goodbye. Enjoy. Hey guys, thanks for listening to bananas. Just a quick disclaimer in that this


episode was recorded before the world ended. So if it seems like we're talking about going out and


touching other human beings know that this was in an earlier more innocent time. We didn't know how bad


it was gonna be, but Kristen Shaw's our guest and we actually have a wonderful conversation in a really


fun time. Something that we want to do on the show is actually positive and not bring you down. So we


hope everybody out there is safe and healthy. We hope you have stocked uh uh wipes and toilet paper and


food and enjoy this first episode of bananas. Bananas. Today I have bananas. Man walking oddly found


to have 21 live pigeons in pants. Yeah that's bananas.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to bananas. The podcast. But you could you could laugh Kristen. You're


allowed to laugh. You could laugh Kristen. It's a comedy. This is Carp Rattler that's Scotty Landis. This


is our first episode ever and we have with us. My name is Kristen Shaw, but I really just want you to


build up the show together as a team before you bring me in since it's your show. Not mine. You're


so upset. You have so many shows I figure you're too busy. You had to come from one of your team. That's


true. I saw your billboard today for my spy. I saw your name up there on Hollywood Boulevard. That's


right. There. And name above the title. Yes. Name above the title. Billing. That's the first one.


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