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MURDERED: Barry and Honey Sherman

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True Crime

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🗓️ 30 March 2020

⏱️ 40 minutes

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In December 2017, a realtor touring the mansion of billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman made a gruesome discovery: the bodies of 75-year-old Barry and 70-year-old Honey semi-seated and hanging from the railing around their pool deck. Police believe the deaths were targeted, and many feel the motive was money. Who killed Barry and Honey Sherman? And why?

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Hi, crime junkies and happy Monday. I'm your host Ashley Flowers and I'm Britt


I'm here to tell you a pretty recent story one out of Toronto Canada which by the way Britt


We're like making our Canada debut this summer. We're actually doing a live show in Toronto for anyone who hasn't paid attention


You can see everything on our events page if you're not listening to this two years from now


But the story that I have has a little bit of everything from


mystery and intrigue to murder and money a lot of money


This is the story of Barry and honey Sherman


It's 10 o'clock in the morning on a snowy December day and at least Stern is just pulling up in front of 50 old colony road in North York on


Terrio she's working with another realtor to sell the six bedroom nine bathroom mansion belonging to pharmaceutical industry


billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife of 47 years honey now they'd been showing the house but so far


No real like solid bites


Elise had tried to reach the Sherman's this morning because she had a potential buyer that she wanted to bring by


But they weren't answering their phones now she knows Barry and honey are down to sell


So she just kind of goes ahead with the showing anyways and hopes for the best now when Elise arrives


There are two people already in the house a house keeper who comes weekly on a set schedule and a woman who comes like a couple of times a


Week to take care of their plants the homeowners cars are outside


But it turns out that they aren't home and it's a little strange


But actually kind of works out perfectly since she's showing the home


So the perspective buyers and their agent arrive and Elise begins the tour


They start upstairs with the spacious master the spiral staircase the jacuzzi tubs


Then they head to the main level she shows them the large kitchen the dining room more bathrooms


And then they head to the lower level which is much bigger than even the upper levels and Elise leads them down a hallway


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