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MSG for You and Me with Yasmin Tayag

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🗓️ 30 May 2023

⏱️ 41 minutes

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Food is life. But just like lives, some foods are valued more than others — some are told they don’t belong. So what happens when the entire medical establishment becomes a part of that exclusion? That’s exactly what happened to MSG, a flavor enhancer common in many Asian cuisines. Abdul reflects on racism through food and the ways that health can be weaponized against certain kinds of foods. Then he sits down with Yasmin Tayag, staff writer at The Atlantic, to talk about how recent studies may be flipping the script on MSG.

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Americans were more likely to skip out on needed healthcare because of costs in 2022


than in the two years before.


Resident physicians ended a three-day strike after winning key concessions from Elmerhurst


Hospital in Queens. The Surgeon General issues an advisory over social media and teen mental health.


This is America Dissective. I'm your host, Dr. Abdul-Walseh.


I'm Egyptian American. When it comes to my preferences in food,


I'm decidedly less Egyptian and more American. My favorite foods, pizza, burgers, fried chicken,


and of course, my all-time favorite ice cream. Preferably something with chocolate and peanut butter.


I know, I know, but you're a Dr. Abdul. Yeah, yeah, a doctor with taste buds.


Here's the thing about my food preferences. I don't know if they're only about what I think


tastes good or if they're also about some inborn shame. I've got lodged over my experience as a kid.


Let me tell you a story. Y'all know what hummus is. Not hummus, hummus. And please,


miss me with the chocolate and sundry tomatoes. There is one hummus flavor. Anyway, hummus has a


less well-known cousin that never quite made it mainstream. It's called food. It's basically


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