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Mr. Warfield’s Neighborhood

5 Minutes in Church History with Stephen Nichols

Ligonier Ministries

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🗓️ 18 October 2023

⏱️ 5 minutes

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Did you know that two seminaries merged to form Pittsburgh Theological Seminary? Today, Stephen Nichols tells us about several faculty members who taught at these Pittsburgh seminaries through the years.

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Welcome back to another episode of Five Minutes in Church History. I have so been enjoying


my time in Pittsburgh being on location that I thought let's do one more episode. This


is on Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, which is actually a merger of two seminaries that


stretch way back to the end of the 1700s. The first was Pittsburgh Xenia Theological Seminary,


which started in 1792. It started with six students and one professor. The other is Western


Theological Seminary. It started from two academies, one established in 1785 and the other


in 1787. They would eventually merge and form Western Theological Seminary. These academies


were log colleges modeled after that first log college established by the tenants over on the


eastern side of Pennsylvania and as you know the log college became the College of New Jersey,


which became Princeton University and then also later Princeton Theological Seminary.


Well meanwhile back in Pennsylvania we've got Western Theological Seminary so called because as


you remember in the 1780s this was the frontier of these United States and so here we are in


Pittsburgh and we are on the west. Some of the fascinating faculty at Western Seminary include


BB Warfield and AA Hodge. Now we associate them with Princeton but both of them got their start


here. Hodge of course is the son of Charles Hodge. He's named for Archibald Alexander, that great


Princeton seminary pioneering professor who was Hodges professor. His father's professor and mentor


and so Charles named his son after him Archibald Alexander Hodge. Hodges was joined here by


BB Warfield and together in 1881 they published their article on Inspiration. This was the time


of the challenge of Inspiration and eventually in Erancy not only in the seminaries and in the


Presbyterian Church but in the other seminaries and in the denominations across America and even


across the Atlantic in Europe and in the British Isles and this article published in 1881 is a very


crucial, a very monumental short piece in the history of theology and the defense of the doctrines


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