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Motivational Minute: Inch By Inch

Every Day Is Saturday Podcast For Motivation, Inspiration And Success

Self Improvement Coach Sam Crowley

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🗓️ 13 May 2024

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It's the motivation minute. 60 seconds of awesome sauce starting right now.


Hey you know that saying inch by inch it's a cinch mile by mile it's a trial?


That's true. I don't know if you ever knew that. I just figured it out.


We're on an acre of land and I pull weeds. You know what I hate to do? I hate to pull weeds. Why? Because I always let them grow till they're the size of a tree and then it's I just don't even want to do it and you I mean you can imagine right but your boy has taken a different mindset he's actually implementing the things that he talks about which is pretty cool


So I've been weeding around the house every day for the last the things that he talks about, which is pretty cool.


So I've been weeding around the house every day for the last three to four weeks.


Looks amazing.


It's a great workout. I don't go to the gym in the summertime.


I try to work around the house, pick stuff up, set it down, get cardio in, making sure the heart beat, check the old Apple watch.


Whatever you're doing, if you wait and wait and wait, the task is going to be way too


monumental for it even want to tackle


inch by inch baby so whatever it is you want to really want to do get good at a


little bit a little bit every day I'm telling you what man I look forward to doing the lawn work every morning at 6 a.m.


6. 30 in the morning gets me going puts me in the right state of mind. I'm not telling you you got to pull weeds.


I'm just telling you what does that represent in your life a little bit of the time baby a little bit of the time you look back in a month be amazing. All right let's go let's have a day to day


And that's a wrap another Another everyday Saturday podcast in the books. Thanks so much


for listening. Would you do your boy a favor, what you get on iTunes or wherever you


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And that's what I'm looking for, amazing people like you.


I'm always hanging out on the interwebs.


You can check me out on Instagram at every day is


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