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Mississippi Delta: A Southern Gothic Family Mystery

Chameleon: The Michigan Plot

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🗓️ 3 April 2023

⏱️ 8 minutes

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Just because the police can’t solve a murder doesn’t mean other people won’t find someone to blame. In season 4 of Witnessed: Devil in the Ditch, journalist Larrison Campbell returns to her Mississippi hometown to reexamine one of its most notorious unsolved cold cases – the murder of her grandmother, Presh. What happens when a family and a community suspect one of their own? Subscribe to The Binge to get all episodes of Witnessed: Devil in the Ditch ad-free right now. Click ‘Subscribe’ at the top of the Witnessed show page on Apple Podcasts or visit GetTheBinge.com to get access wherever you get your podcasts. A Campside Media & Sony Music Entertainment production. Find more great podcasts from Sony Music Entertainment at sonymusic.com/podcasts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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Just because the police can't solve a murder doesn't mean other people won't find someone to blame.


Hi, I'm journalist Larison Campbell, and this is the newest season of Witnessed, Devil in the Ditch.


Listen, as I returned to my Mississippi hometown to re-examine one of its most notorious unsolved cases.


The murder of my grandmother, Prush.


She was killed on Friday the 13th, and her parlor.


The likely murder weapon? A brass candlestick.


Listen here to an excerpt from Episode 1, where I start back at the scene of my grandmother's murder.


The last time I saw Prush with my eyes, I was giving her a hug in her driveway.


My great-ance experience was very different. She was at the crime scene.


Do you remember the last time you saw her?


Today she was killed.


In fact, she found her sister's body.


She and Prush were close, especially in terms of geography.


They lived on the same street, just a couple of blocks apart.


They spoke on the phone daily and saw each other almost as often.


That day they had plans. They were...


Going to see...


This beautiful opera operator.


A hairdresser at the salon whose husband had just died.


My great-ance says she had been expecting Prush to pick her up around 330 that afternoon.


So earlier that morning, she gets some errands done.


She runs down to Dattles, a dress shop to pick up a blouse.


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