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MISSING: Katelin Akens

Crime Junkie


True Crime

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🗓️ 12 March 2018

⏱️ 32 minutes

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In December of 2015, Katelin was to board a plane from VA to AZ. She texted her mom that she made it to the airport and her phone was dying, so she would text later. But Katelin never made it on that flight and she has never been seen since. The investigation into her disappearance will make you question everything about Katelin's last day and by the end, you won't know who's account can be trusted.

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Hi, Crime Junkies. Welcome back to another episode. I am your host Rachel Flowers.


No, you're not. That's not your name.


I know, but did you see that review that called me Rachel Flowers?


Of course I did. I thought that podcasters always lied when they said that they read every single


review of people post. They don't. But I read every single one. I know. So obsessed.


And I also want to only go by Rachel Flowers now because I kind of love it.


I can make that happen. So thank you to everyone who has been leaving us reviews.


Like Britt said, it's what keeps us going every week. So please go on Apple Podcast.


Leave us a five star rating and a written review to get us to next week. We are trying really


hard to get to 500 reviews and we would really appreciate it if you guys would go on and help us.


And thank you to everyone who came out to our first ever meet up this weekend.


Oh my god, we had so much fun. We had so many more people than I ever thought would come.


It was amazing meeting all of you and talking about true crime, talking about all the cases


we've covered and the cases we're going to cover. I can't wait to keep doing this in new cities


and meet even more of you.


All right, Britt, it's super rare for me. But every so often, I find a case that when I'm researching


it and putting the story together, I get full body chills. I know like that's your


quote, full body chills, but it's super rare. I thought for a while, my body chills were broken a


little because like maybe the podcast had ruined me or hardened me. But this case, full body


chills, are you ready? I guess I'm so excited. This is Caitlin Aiken's story. She's a young girl


growing up in Carolina County, Virginia and she was like kind of punky, kind of alternative. She


had some tattoos, a couple of piercings and she would also do super fun things with her hair like


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