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MFM Minisode 260

My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Exactly Right

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🗓️ 3 January 2022

⏱️ 24 minutes

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This week’s hometowns include a death row optometrist and a hike with dad gone wrong.

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Exhibit C. It's truly criminal.


Hello! And welcome to my favorite murder. The mini-sode, it's mini.


I have to throw treats that cookie throughout the entire recording,


other I should go upstairs and bark. So if I look, my hands are moving around a lot.


All right. All right, you want to go first? You want me to go first?


I'll go first. Okay. Okay. The subject line of this one is Death Row,


Optometrist. Hello, my queens. Long time listener from almost the beginning.


First time writer. Hey! Hey! So you know how so many convicted serial killers,


where those creepy glasses? Well, it's just a pretty hilarious question slash statement.


Well, I know the guy that kept their prescriptions up to date, just all of them everywhere.


Those serial killers. I've known for many years now that my husband's uncle,


let's call him Uncle Rex, used to work as an optometrist in the prison system.


Wow. But it wasn't until a river trip this year that I was finally able to corner him


to all caps, tell me everything. Here, my friends is what he told me. While Uncle Rex was raising


his family and Santa Cruz, California in the 80s through the odds, he was working as a contract


optometrist for prisons all over California. One of his contracts was for tending to the eyes of


the inmates of Sam Quentin, the only death row prison in the state. This death row was home to


some of the worst. Rodney Alcala, Charles Manson, Charles Eng, Richard Ramirez, the list really does


go on. Uncle Rex, along with one nurse would see each prisoner over the course of the year


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