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MFM Minisode 164

My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Exactly Right

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🗓️ 2 March 2020

⏱️ 21 minutes

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This week’s hometowns include a workplace-based murder and a flashlight in the backyard.

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We at Wundry live, breathe, and downright obsess over True Crime.


And now we're launching the ultimate True Crime fan experience, Exhibit C.


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Exhibit C. It's truly criminal.


Hello and welcome to my favorite murder.


The men Yoto, that's right. That's my new accent. I love it.


Thanks, it's from Sweden. This Sweden's not what I'm talking about.


That's right. They understand what this is. They got it immediately.


We're about to read some of your emails that you've sent to us at my favorite


murder at Gmail.biz. That's right. And you send us emails about all kinds of topics.


We'd like to make out a public call for hometowns murder stories again.


Just because we've gone in such weird directions at this point.


We've asked people about for things, for stories about things that are now almost


have nothing to do with True Crime. So close your eyes, think of your childhood,


or whatever, high school college, and it's like, thing that shook your town.


Everyone, like True Crime thing that shook your town. Tell us about it with your heart and like,


how we want to know the details. And if your grandma's in there, it's a bonus,


but she doesn't have to be. Yeah, or if it happened when your grandma was a girl.


Yes, we love this too about it. Family lore, but True Crime based.


We just want to just a reminder that that's also what we want.


We still love that your little sister stab you in the face when you're five.


God, I'll tell that story every day. Exactly. We love it.


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