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Matt Schaub, John Kuhn And Browns Are Getting Screwed

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🗓️ 6 January 2021

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The greatest college football award was decided...the 2020-21 Lowman Trophy for the Nation's greatest Fullback, also the Heisman. (2:05-7:44)The Browns are getting absolutely fucked over and we have a solution. (7:45-16:15) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Tua coming back and Justin Fields ribs. (16:18-38:34) NFL Legend and future Hall of Famer Matt Schaub joins the show to talk about retiring (sort of), his career in the league, the pick 6 record, losing an ear in a game and tons more. (40:00-1:14:25) Former Packers fullback John Kuhn joins the show to talk about the upcoming playoffs, fullbacks, and why the Packers are the team to beat.(1:17:20-1:37:38) We finish the show with guys on chicks. (1:39:26-1:49:29)

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Hey part of my take listeners, you can find every episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube.


Prime members can listen, add free on Amazon Music.


On today's part of my take, we have Matt Shobb.


Retired but not retired, Matt Shobb's 17 year NFL vet legend of the game.


We have John Koon, we have the low man Trophy. If you missed the presentation,


it was the most important trophy presentation that happened last night.


We had the only one that had somebody's phone go off with a doorbell sound.


No, you didn't see real love it.


Oh, his, no, it's Chris Fowler.


Oh yeah, it was Chris Fowler.


I think these are noise activated by the way.


Yeah, I think they don't start until we, it's like the clapper.


I actually think it's just Pete and that's where he sleeps at night.


And he waits for us to get started with a show.


A Pete just enjoys this.


Yeah, so that's the pipes are back.


It's small.


Him from Milo. We have hot sea cool throw. We have guys on chicks.


We have the browns getting fucked over and a lot more.


And we're also brought to you by our friends at the cash app.


We're always brought to you by the cash app.


Part of my take is sponsored by the cash app.


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