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Mark Cuban, Tuesday Night Football, Taylor Lewan & Will Compton And More

Pardon My Take

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🗓️ 14 October 2020

⏱️ 114 minutes

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Tuesday Night Football recap as the Titans put in a great performance and we recap MNF as well (2:30 - 16:17). Le'Veon Bell cut by the Jets (16:17 - 26:14). Hot Seat/Cool Throne and we say nice things about Lebron (26:14 - 32:08). A surprise Facetime from Taylor Lewan and Will Compton from the Titans winning locker room (32:08 - 48:44). Mark Cuban joins the show to talk the bubble, fixing the economy, new business ideas, and Billy's app (48:44 - 93:44). We finish up with Guys on Chicks.

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Hey part of my take listeners, you can find every episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube.


Prime members can listen, add free on Amazon Music.


On today's part of my take, we have Mark Cuban, recurring guest Mark Cuban on the show.


We also have, uh, recap Monday football, recap a Tuesday night football, which is still going on right now.


We're rooting for the over. There's three minutes left in the game.


We're going to talk, leave you on Bell. We're going to talk hot sea cool throne.


We're going to do guys on chicks. We're going to have a great Wednesday show.


Feel good Wednesday show.


Before we do all that part of my take is brought to you by the cash app.


Billy, you got to smirk on your face. You love the cash app. Billy, they give you money.


You because you have your cash tag.


If you don't have your cash tag, they won't give you money.


Gotta go download the cash app. Links directly to your bank account.


It's the best service out there. You can pay money to your friends, family, whatever.


Download the cash app today. Download it, download it, download it.


Download it. The cash app is the best and free money right now.


When you download the cash app, you get $10 for free.


If you put in code bar stool, you get $10 to the ASPC.


So you're helping out. And I would say that if you don't download the cash app,


you're killing killing animals, killing animals.


It's no different than PFT and Hank adopting their dogs from a puppy mill.


That's the exact same thing. That's not what I did.


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