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Make Afroman Great Again: Afroman Sits Down For a ONE-OF-A-KIND Interview

Louder with Crowder

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🗓️ 13 May 2024

⏱️ 71 minutes

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The one and only Afroman sat down for an intimate discussion about everything from Colt 45 to two zig zags, Hunter Got High parody, how faith has influenced life and music, the FBI's raid on his home, his ambitious presidential campaign, and more!

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Wednesday at 730 p.m. Eastern. Look, this is a little bit different tonight and let me tell you exactly why it's different.


Mud Club undercover is about to expose something involving high-level military personnel that will shock


you will be featuring military guests and also providing updates on your


impact in your community how you can help real American heroes and


it's still all part of our military appreciation months. We'll be working with


military charities finding the best ones. Get ready for a mug Club Mega Live Stream. That's the reason that we have a country in the first place.


Join Mug Club, the entire Lauder with Crowder crew,


special guests Nick DePalo and more to support our troops veterans


families and the legacy that they have fought to preserve in this country we will be


offering a special mug club discount in military appreciation month with 10% of all revenues going to military charities.


See you there 730, May 15th.


Thank you to our veterans and let's make May count and let everybody know that these folks deserve an entire month.


Good morning. We have a special episode for you today featuring a hip-hop icon you could say


and I know this kind of falls outside of our normal lane a little bit


but I think you're really going to enjoy it probably going to laugh a lot and if it's the evening for you


when you're watching this maybe open a cult 45. You'll understand the


reference in just one second. So Stephen is out working on something huge today


that we are going to be bringing you on Wednesday night as part of a special


military appreciation live stream. at 7.30 PM


eastern this Wednesday and it will feature brand new undercover footage shining a


light on what's happening behind the scenes with our nation's military.


We will also have a great lineup, as always, special guests and some other kind of fun,


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