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LYE 82: How Different Are You Online Compared to IRL?

Lower Your Expectations with Marcus Butler

Marcus Butler

Comedy, Society & Culture, Tv & Film

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🗓️ 8 October 2018

⏱️ 38 minutes

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Does the amount of followers you have online define who you are on social media? This is the question we explore in this weeks instalment of Lower Your Expectations where we also look at the motives behind our actions online. What drives us to post the things we post and how much different are we in the social media space compared with who we are IRL.

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Gregs, bag some joy.


Gregs, this is a good enough distance, fine isn't it?


It feels very far away, I'm normally speaking like this.


So it's like-


I'm going to load the expectations, my name is Matt Bentley,


and I'm joined today by Marcus Bolland, the good thing is,


if we spoke like this the whole time, we'd never have any sound complaints.


I also think there's a bit of an issue because I don't think you can even hear what I'm saying.


I can just about buy a thing everyone would be a bit turned on and home,


but I'm not focusing on what we're saying.


Hey guys, welcome to lower your expectations.


Badam, how you doing Matt?


Very good, thank you, how are you?


Good, I just think sometimes I put a bit too much pressure on the intro.


What do you mean?


Well for so long we've had the same intro, it goes to what I was saying when I filmed


a video about for the other day, that name drop, there's Alfie Day's Pointless Blog,


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