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LYE 71: KSI vs Logan Paul

Lower Your Expectations with Marcus Butler

Marcus Butler

Comedy, Society & Culture, Tv & Film

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🗓️ 23 July 2018

⏱️ 36 minutes

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Aaron Paul must have shuddered when he saw another Paul, who isn't related to him but shares the same surname, pull up to a press conference in a gold plated Rolls Royce. That's right, this week we discuss the latest developments in the Logan Paul vs KSI boxing matchup and what the added publicity is doing for YouTube and YouTubers. Elsewhere Marcus reveals his thoughts on Moscow where he recently visited to watch England crash out of the World Cup and Matt offers an insight into his psyche when he laughs giddily at the memory of his cat with a broken tail.

Enjoy x

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Good afternoon, this is Caroline Forne from Owning at the Anxiety Podcast, the show that helps


you better understand and manage your anxiety. This month I'm working with FitBit and their


Versa4 Smartwatch to celebrate this small, everyday wins that we accomplish while working towards


a bigger goal. This month I'm focusing on getting moving more often to help my mental health,


and so I thought I'd share a little win from my afternoon with you. The watch is such a brilliant


motivator I managed to reach my step goal by 4pm. You can find it more about FitBit and the Versa4


Smartwatch at FitBit.com. Hello, hello, hello, hello. Do you know what I really


like to say, when you were doing like your range of merch and stuff, you should have done


more than one more. Hello, I'm not as good as in the last couple of episodes because England


and England. I'm not as good as in the last couple of episodes. I'm not as good as in the last


couple of episodes. How many fans are there? Six and eight days. No, eight flies in six days.


It's a new personal record for me, so I love planes right now. How do you feel about that?


That's quite impressive. Was the food good? No, really. Yeah, no, it wasn't. It was like the whole,


here's a bread roll kind of. We didn't have a meal on any of the flights. It was like a


snack. Oh yeah, for context markers was out in Moscow, watched the semi-final England lose,


and then you went to Berlin for a job, then to London the next day, and then back to Russia,


but had to fly to Rome because all the flights are so loud. So down to Rome, up to Moscow,


back down to Rome, back to London. Yeah, a lot of flying. How are you doing? How are you feeling?


I do feel quite exhausted if I'm honest, which I don't usually feel, but probably doesn't help


them off to tomorrow's end today. Hey, just bad timing, but no, I am good other than that and


Moscow. Yeah, how was Moscow? Is interesting, because I feel like there's kind of a place with a


mystery surrounding is so much history. Yeah, also so much impression based through media,


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