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LYE 62: The Difficulty Voicing Your Opinion On The Internet

Lower Your Expectations with Marcus Butler

Marcus Butler

Comedy, Society & Culture, Tv & Film

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🗓️ 14 May 2018

⏱️ 35 minutes

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Little known rapper Kanye West has been pretty forthcoming in his "expressions" on Twitter recently... is it because he has an album being released imminently or is it just because he wanted to let the world know he likes ping pong? Who knows. But it serves as a talking point on this episode of Lower Your Expectations as it begs the question "What can and can't you say on the internet?". Elsewhere a polarising conspiracy shows up in the big question and Marcus reveals what it was like to get a tattoo that took seven hours to complete!

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Hello listeners of lower expectations welcome back to the podcast welcome back to my house Matt hello. Hello. How you doing? You're right. Yeah, I'm really I'm hot. I'm good though. I'm sticky.


It's nice isn't it though? What being in my house or the hot weather? Yeah, it is nice actually. It's more relaxing filming or recording in the house. Yeah, and we're feet for on the background over there. That I just beat you up.


Camera filming the podcast there. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Okay, we're making a parody of daily vlogging. I should just get into this in case you guys took it away that we're filming the podcast. We're not. We would like to try that one day. We just don't really know how to do it. Yes, and someone help us. Basically, it's more sinking. I've been thinking about it for ages. The sinking is just a lot of recording isn't it? Yeah, it's just a lot of recording. You need camera angles. You need space.


Need to speak to true Jordi. And it's like three hour podcasts. How does he do it? Don't know. You've got something new, haven't you?


Yes, that was a really subtle movement into that. I have got something new. What have you got? Do you want to have a guess? I mean, I know, don't I? Maybe the listeners at home can guess why don't you give them some clues? All right, it goes.


That sounds like a tiger. Or did it sound like a dinosaur? How does the tiger sound? I don't know.


I don't know. I don't try and do that. I've never seen a tiger. You don't need to see a tiger to be able to do an impression.


No, but you do because you need to hear it first. Mate, you've definitely seen a tiger on a picture or on a video.


I've seen tigers, but I've never heard them. Have you ever seen Winnie the Pooh? Yes. You've seen a tiger then.


No, but he doesn't rule. He does. He's cute and bouncy. Tigas are unlike that.


All right, you're not going to do an impression of a tiger. What we're getting at is I have a new tattoo. That is what Matt wanted me to say. I have a new tattoo.


What's it of? It's of a tiger. No, it is very cool. I'll make you some really shit, though, it is good.


How was that? Where did you go? Hamburg. Same place. Same guy. Always, always go to my guy, a Jacob, because he's just is a talent. He's a talented young man.


Not Jacob. Jacob. Jacob is how he pronounces it and how I think the Polish way of pronouncing it is. Jacob.


Also, same in Germany or German. How is name is is Jacob. I just like saying it. Sounds nice than Jacob.


Yeah, does it. It's unique, isn't it? You told me it's the longest one you've ever had done.


Both in size and in time. Yeah, it took seven hours, which was a lengthy process. That's a flight to New York.


Yeah, I miss many things, isn't it? It's seven times of minutes hitting 60. It's over a series.


Could be seven episodes of a series that you watch. That's crazy. Well, what did you do for seven hours?


Oh, many things, Matt. Many things. Never. Don't you find it all, I guess you know the guy now.


Yeah, you know, I mean, it is a bit awkward for anyone that's had a tattoo. I really get on with him.


So we chat and we're like really pally. But when he's doing his art, I don't want to really talk to him,


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