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LYE 54: How I Went From Being A Personal Trainer To Having A 9 Book Deal ft Joe Wicks

Lower Your Expectations with Marcus Butler

Marcus Butler

Comedy, Society & Culture, Tv & Film

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🗓️ 5 March 2018

⏱️ 38 minutes

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You could say Joe Wicks has been a bit busy recently. Not only has his first TV show just been released (Joe Wicks: The Body Coach) last year he broke the Guiness World Record for the largest high-intensity interval training class a feat achieved on stage at Hyde Park and on top of all of this he has been inspiring the nation to eat healthier and exercise more with his "Lean in 15" mantra. We delve into the world of Wicks and discover what it is that motivates him, how he handles his newly found fame and what his relationship with the press entails.

Oh yeah, the big question also finds out how we all would like to die.


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Hello listeners of lower expectations welcome and we're joined by a very special guest the man himself Joe


It's alright guys thanks for having me. Hey, dude. Yeah, good mate. It's great to see you again


You too and it's weird being in this little booth


But yeah, we should probably intro that actually so if it sounds a bit different


We're using so the lovely people who do our podcast a cast they've got a little sound booth in their office


And we thought we'd give it a go and we've literally been locked away in the corner of a room with what these even called on the wall


Like just sponge sound to sound the sound and it there's a lot more edgy down here like sure


It's isn't it than where we normally record far away


Did it take you long to get here? I've got the tube from Richmond


So I got now about 45 minutes I go Richmond to Hammond Smith and then I will straighten just walked along


See if you get recognized a lot when you're walking along like in public


I actually just got stopped once but my TV shows on last night and yeah


Got a million is 1.1 million views and you sort of think that's quite a lot of people


But I can still walk around the street and get on the tube and I just have my headphones on and very rarely the people actually like


Recognize me it's a small life you're out and in a par bowl


You're in a club and people are to drink there a bit more confidence


I also feel like I don't know of you because I feel like your demos may be slightly older than mine


But London particularly is so everyone London is so like busy going to work and focused on whatever they're doing that


They don't really have time to kind of stop and see you as much as like if I go to Brighton or if I go to like a smaller town


Everyone's much more. Yeah, you see more people yeah, it depends


It's when I meet people that follow me. It's always such a nice interaction because they've always like they've done the plan


Or they follow my books and it's always quite a positive interaction where they've yeah


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