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LYE 48: "Do I Regret Stopping Daily Uploads on YouTube?"

Lower Your Expectations with Marcus Butler

Marcus Butler

Comedy, Society & Culture, Tv & Film

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🗓️ 27 November 2017

⏱️ 36 minutes

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Ever wanted a deep dive into Marcus & Matt's creative process and learn more about the challenges of writing? We hope so because that is exactly what you will be receiving in this weeks episode of Lower Your Expectations. Elsewhere Matt has some new ammunition in the Bournemouth vs Brighton debate that features a Stranger Things star and an advent calendar inspired big question reveals two genius ideas that should replace chocolate as a daily treat in December.

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A lot of our PA crouch from that PA crouch podcast, the podcast that lifts the lid


on life as a professional footballer, doesn't it, Chris Stark?


Yep, that's right, mate. And we're currently sponsored by Brudog Punk IPA. This beer is very,


very good. This is the OG. Correct. Don't take our word for it, though. It's the biggest selling


craft beer in Europe. We're talking ancho lotty levels of success in Europe.


Yes, but unlike ancho lotty, although I do think this is a bit harsh on him,


you can get a taste of Punk IPA at discounted rates. Just go to Brudog.com, forward slash crouch,


use crouch 15 at the checkout as your little discount code, and you're going to get 15% of your


first purchase of Punk IPA. Enjoy it, terms and conditions apply.


Hello listeners of lower expectations. Welcome to episode 48 of The Best Podcast in the


world with... Are we allowed to say that? Yeah, okay.


Voted by us and various other people.


Nump world's best podcast. I don't think Adam would give us number one actually.


He's given the nod. He said he listens to the hello world.


He's like, oh, he's a fat man. Also, don't you think it's funny when you walk past the most


random restaurant and it's like, well, the best burger in your life? I somehow don't believe that.


Well, it's like in Elf, isn't it? When he sees the coffee shop, the world's best coffee.


Oh, yeah. Congratulations. I love Elf. Do you know what I mean? Do you not think they,


when they put their... They actually think they're the best burger in the world.


I prefer it. Yeah, I know what you're saying, because no one's done that. There isn't an award


where best burger in the world, that doesn't exist, doesn't. But I prefer it when you go somewhere


and you have the photos of the famous people we've been in there. Oh, yes. I went in the


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