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Love Me Do: McCartney A Life in Lyrics

Broken Record with Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam and Justin Richmond

Pushkin Industries

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🗓️ 7 February 2024

⏱️ 67 minutes

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Countless decisions, large and small, aided The Beatles’ ascent to the top of popular culture. The release of their debut single, “Love Me Do,” in the UK in the fall of 1962 was one of those decisions. Their debut on American television was another. In this first episode of season two, Paul McCartney and Paul Muldoon discuss the early evolution of The Beatles.

Season Two of McCartney: A Life in Lyrics comes out weekly starting February 7th, and features the stories behind songs like Yesterday, Band on the Run, Here, There and Everywhere, Picasso’s Last Words (Drink to Me) and many more. Follow the show to learn more about Paul McCartney’s songwriting process, the creation of Wings, the development of McCartney’s bass playing over the life of The Beatles and more! Binge the entire season early and ad-free starting February 7th by subscribing to Pushkin+ on our Apple show page or at pushkin.fm/plus.

“McCartney: A Life in Lyrics” is a co-production between iHeart Media, MPL and Pushkin Industries.

The series was produced by Pejk Malinovski and Sara McCrea; written by Sara McCrea; edited by Dan O’Donnell and Sophie Crane; mastered by Jason Gambrell with assistance from Jake Gorski and sound design by Pejk Malinovski. The series is executive produced by Leital Molad, Justin Richmond, Lee Eastman and Scott Rodger.

Thanks to Lee Eastman, Richard Ewbank, Scott Rodger, Aoife Corbett and Steve Ithell.

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Hey there's Justin Richmond.


60 years ago this week the Beatles Hey there. It's Justin Richmond.


60 years ago this week, the Beatles touched down in the US for the very first time and appeared on the Ed Sullivan show.


That appearance blew the minds of just about everybody was there to witness it.


A lot of the musicians we talked to on this very show cited as a moment that they realized they were going to do music for the rest of their lives.


Most recently, we heard that from Mark Mothersbove Devo. So to celebrate


this momentous anniversary 60 years since the Beatles appearance on Ed Sullivan we


are releasing the second season of McCartney A Life and Lyrics, another show that I worked on here


at Pushing Industries. I'm going to share the first episode from that season with you on Broken


Record. It's about the song Love Me Do. Paul McCartney and poet Paul Muldoon sat down to discuss the origins of that song and also a bit about the origin of the Beatles and also a bit about that Ed Sullivan appearance.


I hope you like the episode if you do


subscribe to McCartney Life and Lyrics. We already have the second episode up on Band on the


Run and we'll be releasing more episodes weekly through April.


McCartney, a life and lyrics.


I hope you enjoy.


We admired a singer at that time called Bruce Chanel, I think his name was, who had a song called Hey, called So we started doing Hey Baby. I sang it John played the harmonica. Mm-hmm. I think that was one of the contributory factors


for when we were going to write something,


that's a good idea. This something, that's a good idea.


This harmonic thing is a good idea.


John can play it well.


We could write something that would feature a harmonic. Monica. You know, instruments come in sort of vokes. I mean you think of skiffle.


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