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Long Lead Presents: The Depths She'll Reach

Long Shadow

Long Lead & PRX & The Trace & Campside Media

Narrative, 9-11, History, Terrorism, Anniversary, America

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🗓️ 18 November 2021

⏱️ 2 minutes

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Out now from Long Lead, The Depths She’ll Reach, the story of how Alenka Artnik emerged from mental health struggles to become one of the world’s most elite athletes. A multimedia feature by Xan Rice and Daan Verhoeven, produced by Long Lead. 


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From the producers of Longshadow.


Floating above the dark blue water of a near bottomless abyss, a diver takes


a long breath. Then, suddenly, noisily, she starts sipping for more air. She's


gasping like a fish that's been reeled onto the sand. She's packing her


lungs to their limits, eight little gulps, and then she gently rolls onto her


stomach and dives headlong into the depths and the darkness.


Ten years prior, this elite athlete was peering down at the water, along at night on a bridge.


That night, a plunge would have killed her. These days, each dive seems to make her stronger.


And now, only a few people, all men, have dived deeper than she has on just one breath.


Someday soon, she may surpass them all.


Out now, the depths shall reach.


The story of how Alenka Artnick emerged from mental health struggles to become one of the world's most elite athletes,


a multimedia feature by Zan Rice and Dan Verhoeven, produced by Longlead.


Read it for free at www.onjustonebreath.com

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