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How to Be a Better Human


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🗓️ 25 June 2023

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Do you want to live longer, exercise smarter & eat better? Ten Percent Happier has a series of podcast episodes to help you do just that, featuring experts in science and Buddhism. Listen here: https://link.chtbl.com/vX0o7hLd.The Ten Percent Happier podcast is hosted by Dan Harris, a fidgety, skeptical journalist who had a panic attack on live national television, which led him to try something he otherwise never would have considered: meditation. On the Ten Percent Happier podcast, Dan talks with eminent meditation teachers, top scientists, and even the odd celebrity -- from Gabor Maté to Brené Brown to Karamo from Queer Eye. Listen as Dan ventures into the deep end of the pool, covering subjects such as enlightenment and psychedelics or science-based techniques for issues such as anxiety, productivity, and relationships. You can listen to Ten Percent Happier wherever you're listening to this.

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Hey it's Dan Harris, host of the 10% happier podcast. I've got an announcement about an exciting new series.


We've put together over on the show that I think might be of high interest to you.


It is, as we all know, that time of year again,


swimming pools, trips to the beach and all of the cacophonous self-consciousness


that comes roaring back. The truth is that diet and exercise are actually some of the most


important levers for increased mental and physical health, but there are also some of the


trickiest and most triggering topics for many of us.




Because we're inundated by what some people call diet culture, possibly airbrushed


Instagram influencers and lifetimes of conditioning designed to make us believe that we're not fit,


healthy or beautiful enough, but we can be if we buy the right products.


In the midst of all of this, in the middle of this measma,


it is genuinely hard to keep up with what is actually good for us,


especially when it seems like the messages from the research community are constantly changing.


And even if you are able to digest everything and figure out what the right course of action


is for you, can you actually create sustainable habits? That is diabolically hard for many of us.


And on a deeper level can you see what's motivating you? Is it because you actually


want to be healthier or is it some sort of self-loathing? So these are some of the


questions we are endeavoring to answer in the course of this new series which we're


calling get fit sanely. We've assembled something of a super team of experts who we believe to be fact-based and well-intentioned,


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