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Bad Batch


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🗓️ 13 November 2023

⏱️ 5 minutes

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Cuddly as a cactus and charming as an eel, he’s your new favorite snarky talk show host. Join The Grinch (and his faithful dog Max) each week as he rants against Christmas cheer and roasts celebrity guests like chestnuts on an open fire. Starring Saturday Night Live’s James Austin Johnson as the notorious curmudgeon and broadcasting straight from Who-Ville, will The Grinch send these famous folks back down Mt. Crumpit, or will they soften his stance against Christmas and grow his heart three sizes? Grab your hot cocoa and cozy slippers and listen along to find out!

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Hi, it's me the Grand Puba of Bah Humbug, the O.G. Green Grump, the Grinch, from Wondery.


Tis, the Grinth Holiday Talk Show, is a pathetic attempt by the people of Whoville to use my situation as a teachable moment.


So join me, the Grinch, along with Cindy Lou-Hoo.


And of course my dog Max, every week for this complete waste of time.


Listen as I launch a campaign against Christmas cheer,


grilling celebrity guests like chestnuts on an open fire.


They'll try to get my heart to grow a few sizes,


but it's not gonna work, honey.


Your family will love the show.


As you know, I'm famously great with kids.


I'm about to play a clip from Tis the Grinch holiday talk show. Follow Tis the Grinch


holiday talk show on the Wundery app or wherever you get your podcast. From Wundry and Dr. Seuss, broadcasting all the way from Mount Krubin Studios.


Let's hope the equipment stays dry.


Tis the Grinch Holiday Talk Show, and of course Grinch's Dogg's Dog Max.


But first he's greener than a Tesla parked outside a Greta Tunberg's house


and more bitter than a school bus full of sourgummy worms.


Here he is your host the rich


Welcome to the Grinch show why is there a Grinch show? Well, because if you steal Christmas, even if you end up joining in on the festivities in the end, you have to pay the price.


This is my community service. It's the brainchild of the


Hooville Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and based on how much I


want to be here. They came up with a pretty good punishment. They think it


will help improve my interpersonal


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