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🗓️ 31 July 2023

⏱️ 9 minutes

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More than a decade since Michael Jackson’s death, his legacy remains complicated and unresolved. Think Twice: Michael Jackson is an exploration of the King of Pop’s life and impact – and an investigation into why his global influence continues to endure, despite the disturbing allegations against him. In this ten-part series, journalists Leon Neyfakh and Jay Smooth bring you a new perspective on the Michael Jackson story, based on dozens of original interviews with people who watched it unfold from up close.

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Hi listeners, there is a new podcast I think you'd like. His music united the world, but


his legacy divides it. Since Michael Jackson's death in 2009, the world has struggled with


how he should be remembered, as the King of Pop, or as a monster. Hosted by Leah Nayfog and


Jay Smooth, this new podcast, think twice, Michael Jackson, presents a new account of the MJ


story. In this 10-part narrative series, they explore the enigma of Michael Jackson's


persona, exploring the complexities that make him seemingly un-cancelable. Through dozens


of original interviews with people who watch the Michael Jackson story on full firsthand,


think twice offers a new perspective on the art and the artist, from his extraordinary


life and groundbreaking music, to the contentious legacy he left behind. Think twice examines


it all. I'm about to play a clip from think twice, while you're listening, follow think


twice wherever you get your podcasts, or you can binge the entire series ad-free on


audible or the Amazon music app.


All right. Good evening. I'm Kim Longstocking. And I'm Douglas E. Doug.


The comedian Doug E. Doug was having a huge year when he appeared as a presenter at the


NAACP Image Awards in January of 1994. Doug was just 23 years old. One can argue I was


at the height of my career, because that's the reason why they invited me. Who runnin's


that come out? It was a huge global hit. I played Sanka Coffee, the greatest push-cut


driver, and I love Jamaica.


Doug's role at the ceremony was to give out the award for outstanding female artist,


which everyone knew was going to go to Whitney Houston for the bodyguard soundtrack.


If this woman wins, I'm going to bow down kiss her feet.


Get to kiss and Whitney Houston.


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