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The Black Dahlia Serial Killers


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🗓️ 18 September 2023

⏱️ 11 minutes

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Dr. Robert Hadden was a trusted OB-GYN at Columbia University. Friendly, caring, unassuming… and behind the closed door of exam rooms, one of the most prolific sexual predators in New York City. During his 25-year career, he assaulted hundreds, perhaps thousands, of patients, under the guise of medical exams. Those who tried to warn Columbia were ignored or not believed. When it appeared that no one — not Hadden, not Columbia — would be held to account, it was the survivors who undertook a decade-long fight for justice.


From Wondery, Exposed: Cover-Up at Columbia University is a story about power: who has it, who loses it, and what it takes to get it back.


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Dr. Robert Haddon was the kind of OB-GYN you recommended to your best friend, calm, knowledgeable


and greeted everyone with a smile, but his cheerful demeanor hit an ugly truth.


Dr. Robert Haddon was found to be a serial predator who abused hundreds, potentially thousands


of patients over his decades-long career.


Once these stories began to see the light of day, one question remained.


How was this physician, one who was trusted with the lives of so many, able to get away


with this for so long?


When the powerful institution he worked for was confronted with these accusations, did


it choose to protect its own reputation?


Exposed, cover up at Columbia University, the new podcast from Wondery and Dr. Desloro


Biel is a story about people who are supposed to protect us, physicians, prosecutors and


the people around them.


And it asks, did these institutions provide cover for a known predator?


What does it say about our system?


That a doctor from a prestigious institution was better protected than dozens of patients,


and how do we seek justice and accountability in the future when it takes a small army


to bring down just one egregious abuser?


I'm about to play a clip from Exposed, cover up at Columbia University.


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Just a heads up, this episode contains graphic descriptions of sexual assault.


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