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Bad Batch


Exhibit C, Dr. Death, Stem Cells, Society & Culture, Health & Fitness, Medicine, News, Wondery, Liveyon, Laura Beil

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🗓️ 22 January 2024

⏱️ 5 minutes

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When a charismatic young doctor announces revolutionary treatments for cancer and HIV, patients from around the world turn to him for their last chance. As medical experts praise Serhat Gumrukcu’s genius, the company he co-founded rockets in value to over half a billion dollars. But when a team of researchers makes a startling discovery, they begin to suspect the brilliant doctor is hiding a secret. From Wondery, the new season of Dr. Death: Bad Magic is a story of miraculous cures, magic and murder. Hosted by Laura Beil.

Listen to Dr. Death - Bad Magic: Wondery.fm/Dr.Death

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We're all too familiar with these kinds of stories.


And out of this world personality prays on the desperation of someone going through the


worst moment of their life, seeking answers, seeking help.


But what happens when that person providing the answer... seeking answers, seeking help.


But what happens when that person providing the answers


is someone you're supposed to trust, a doctor


who promises hope, survival, a cure for AIDS?


Wouldn't you do anything he said to save yourself?


From Wundery comes the newest season of the renowned podcast, Doctor Death,


the newest season titled Bad Magic. And this isn't just some doctor it's a famous one a man with


prominent celebrity endorsements a credible biotech business a big reputation and


yes a quirky fascination with magic.


Don't miss this season, a story of deceit, narcissism, humanity, and murder.


I'm about to play a clip from Dr. Death bad magic. Follow Dr


Death bad magic on the Wundery Apper wherever you get your podcasts. It was late on a freezing Saturday night in northern Vermont.


Greg Davis was in his bedroom with his wife Melissa


when they heard someone outside.


Greg opened the door and saw a man standing there wearing a jacket and mask with the emblem of the U.S. Marshal.


He was holding a rifle.


Behind him in the driveway was a white Ford Explorer with emergency lights flashing in its dash.


The marshal said he had a warrant for Greg's arrest on racketeering charges.


He had been instructed to take him into custody and transport him to Virginia.


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