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Let's Be Merry...with Mama Rosa

Let's Be Clear with Shannen Doherty


Society & Culture

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🗓️ 25 December 2023

⏱️ 21 minutes

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Shannen and her mom host this special holiday episode as they describe what a Doherty family Christmas looks like!

From flocked trees, to color-coordinated wrapping paper, to competitive games of charade...

Mama Rosa also reveals what Shannen used to do as a curious kid to her presents under the tree.

Plus a special message from mother and daughter as they look towards a new year with happiness and hope.

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Hey this is Prop from the Hood Politics with Prop Podcast and this what we do here we take all these high


polluting political ideas and things in the news and explain it to you in the language that we all speak in


just like I don't know take filibuster believe or not you already know what that is


because if you got a mama that don't play no games you've been filibustering your whole life


hey mom no look listen listen listen listen mom before you make your decision what


had happened was everything said after that is a


filibuster you just trying to stall her out to avoid the inevitable Congress do it all


the time see you already knew so listen to hood politics with prop on the iHeartRadio


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This is Let's Be Clear with Shannon Doherty.


Hey, welcome to Let's Be Clear with Shannon Doherty. I hope you guys have all


enjoyed listening to this podcast as much as I have enjoyed hosting it and


I'm really excited for the new year. much as I have enjoyed hosting it.


And I'm really excited for the new year.


I'm excited for all of the new guests that I have coming on.


We're talking about expert doctors that are going to talk to us about cancer, what's coming up in the future for the cancer world,


sort of health in general, and some super surprise guest from, you know, just friends or people that I've worked with and really


gonna just keep digging into my life the past the present in the future so I'm


really excited to keep sharing with you all and connecting really because that's what this


podcast is about it's about connecting and learning from each other I learn every single time I host an episode. I learn from my


guests, I learn from my doctors, I learn from the experience, I learn from


you know your guys comments so thank you let's just keep learning together and being joyful and and being clear because I think that being clear at this point in my life is incredibly important.


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