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Kentucky football spring game preview, + Masters Preview | 11 Personnel

Kentucky Sports Radio



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🗓️ 11 April 2024

⏱️ 41 minutes

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investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong I'm Nick Rauche he's Adam Locket we're presented by our friends


at Monticello Bank here to talk a little football. We're golf in the midst of


basketball chaos but we've got to start from the top with the basketball chaos but like it we've got to start from the top with the basketball


chaos because we we brought ourselves we're big fans of coaching searches from


afar right like it Like it's theater and college athletics most wildest ways.


Now we've got to experience one. I mean I vaguely remember the end of the Joker Phillips and the start of the Mark Stoop's


here and then correct me if I'm wrong because I was actually writing for KSR at the time


and I was trying to get the


Joker Phillips fired up quick enough but the boss lady at the time


Matt Tucker actually beat me to it but I remember there being like a handful of candidates but I remember


it happening rather quickly and quietly and stoops wasn't even really the guy so


I don't remember it being very dramatic. There wasn't a lot of


social media around then. So I'm curious what sort of lessons you've taken from


this experience that maybe we can learn for when the football coaching


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