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Just Date Me, Please!

Bad Friends

Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee

Comedy, Stand-up

4.811.9K Ratings

🗓️ 4 December 2023

⏱️ 70 minutes

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Murch. We got Murch and check this hat out. I've been wearing on stage. Have you seen me?


Look at this dude. Look at the shirt. This is the OG shirt. The OG design is back.


Yep. And also bad friends on the back. In the back. The cute little faces on the front, bad friends


merch.com. We also have coffee mug for people to like coffee and beautiful


beanies in a couple different colors, but go get some OG merch. We're


releasing new stuff as we go. Bob and I are in a competition to see who can design the best shirt.


But for now, you want the OG original stuff.


Happy holidays.


Happy holidays.


Get this for someone that you love.


Go to bad friends merch.com, bad friends merch.




You two are bad friends.


who are these two idiots.


White dude and an Asian dude.


You two are disgusting.


We're bad friends.


We walked in the studio.


We did a couple spots, Bob and I did a back to back spot at the store and then we walked


in the studio and McCone tried to make up for all his blunders


by getting Bobby in and out.


That's very nice, but what did you forget?


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