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Josh Allen + Bills OC Brian Daboll, Grit Week Finale, WingNutz Creator Ed + Mt Rushmore Of Hotel Moves

Pardon My Take

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🗓️ 20 August 2021

⏱️ 95 minutes

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We finish Grit Week live from the Knights of Columbus in Buffalo where we have found Wing Nirvana. Recapping the week plus our new song with Benny The Butcher was created in the studio Wednesday Night (00:02:41 - 00:19:23). WingNutz creator Ed joins the show to tell us how he created the perfect wing and hopes for the Bills this year (00:19:23 - 00:29:09). Josh Allen and Bills OC Brian Daboll join the show from Bills Camp where we talk Offense, what to expect in the upcoming season, Dabs learning from Belichick and Saban plus Josh Allen owes us 15 million dollars (00:29:09 - 01:00:50). We finish with Mt Rushmore of Hotel Moves and Fyre Fest of the Week

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Hey, part of my take listeners.


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On today's part of my take, we are still in Buffalo,


Grit Week 2021 coming to a close.


We have Josh Allen on the podcast with offensive coordinator, Brian Dable.


You heard a beep in the background and we'll explain that in a second.


We're at a very special location recording today's show.


We're going to do a recap of everything that's happened in Grit Week.


We are going to do a Mount Rushmore of hotel moves, things you do at a hotel.


We have Fire Fest of the Week.


We have a very special guest, Ed from Wing Nuts as well.


And we brought to you by our friends at Coors Light.


Coors Light is sponsored all of Grit Week.


Shout out everyone who came out yesterday and met us at the bar.


Enjoyed some nice cold, refreshing, Coors Light.


Coors Light is the official beer of the summer, slowing down summer.


There's only a couple of weeks left.


Make sure you slow down summer.


Crack open a nice cold, Coors Light and enjoy the last few days of summer.


Coors Light is cold-logged, cold-filtered and cold-packaged.


It's literally made to chill.


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