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Jon Rothstein Bracket Breakdown, March Madness Is Here And Drew Brees Retires

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🗓️ 15 March 2021

⏱️ 98 minutes

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We finally have a bracket. We love our brackets, our brackets are the best brackets ever. We recap Conference tournament weekend and talk more about our brackets (2:20 - 31:19). Who's back of the Week including diabetes causing racism and J-Rod breaking up for a day (31:19 - 41:38). Jon Rothstein joins the show to break down the bracket and who he likes coming out of each region as well as the Indy bubble (41:38 - 80:52). We finish with Drew Brees retiring, Taysom Hill's fake contract and Billy Burner Gate.

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Hey, part of my take listeners. You can find every episode on Apple podcasts, Spotify or YouTube.


Prime members can listen, add free on Amazon music.


Today's part of my take, John Rostin.


The brackets are out. It is officially March. I know it's been March, but this is truly March.


We've made it a year in the making to have the NCAA tournament come back actually two years.


We're going to break down the brackets with him. We're going to talk about conference tournament weekend.


Awesome, awesome weekend of hoops, storylines, who's back of the week.


And then we'll talk some football because Drew Brees did retire.


So we will have a little Drew Brees discussion.


Take some hills contract. Mr. Biscuits moving on all these types of things.


Pack show for you on Monday. It's the best week of the sports year.


It truly is. And guess what?


Cause light is here for you. Cause light is here for you. And cause light is the best accompaniment with March hoops.


You've been waiting an entire year for this to come back.


You filled this void in all of your time with a bunch of things that brought you no chill like a bread maker or fancy exercise bike.


You've been looking for love in all the wrong places.


But now March hoops are back and there's nothing more chill than grabbing a cold,


cause light and watching all of the games. There's only one beer out there that's literally made to chill and that's


Cores light. The mountains on the bottles and cans even turn blue when your beer is cold.


People would keep treating us. Those blue mountains. I love it.


Every time I see a blue mountain, an angel gets its wings. That's actually true.


So when you need to hit the reset button, just open a Cores light.


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