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Jon Lovett on Crooked Media, Politics, and More

Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air

The Ringer

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🗓️ 28 January 2023

⏱️ 57 minutes

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Larry is joined by comedian and host of 'Pod Save America' and 'Lovett or Leave It' Jon Lovett. They begin their conversation by discussing the progressive network he co-founded Crooked Media, and the tumultuous political landscape that inspired its genesis. Next, they dive into the nature of the political system and the success of some of its arbiters, notably Barack Obama, and point to the rise of Sarah Palin as the beginning of the Trump era currently dominating right wing ideology (14:48). After the break they talk about Joe Biden's presidential success, how he's being underestimated because of his age, and speculate on his possible Democratic successor (26:42). Next, they debate the desensitization of violence in America in regards to recently circulated videos like the Paul Pelosi incident, the Tyre Nichols footage, and images broadcasted from the war in Ukraine (39:11). Finally, Jon reflects on his time as a political speechwriter and the positive atmosphere of his live shows (48:35). Host: Larry Wilmore Guest: Jon Lovett Associate Producer: Chris Sutton Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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An Instagram post gets an unexpected boost. A TikTok catches in the algorithm.


Sometimes that's all it takes to launch someone into internet fame. But then what?


This blue up is a new podcast documentary that reveals how social media


start and is made. It's a different kind of fame. That's not always as glamorous as it looks.


From Spotify and the Ring or Podcast Network, I'm Alyssa Bereznek.


You can listen to this blue up on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.


Alright, welcome back everybody. My special guest this week is person whose plot I've


appeared on many times and I've always had so much fun. And I always say to myself,


why am I not doing this more? That's cool. I know what I thought. I got to have him back


on my pile. I think you were on a couple of years ago with the guys. And he does,


you know, just one of the best pods out there from Cricut Media, you know, I'm from


Levitably, the pod save America. Mr. John Lovey. Welcome back to Black on the


Airman from. Thanks for having me. Good to see you, Larry. Good to see you too.


I think I had you guys in my early days of the pod. I think it was a while ago.


Yes. Yes. Talking about stuff and everything.


And John and I believe during the pandemic we did the peacock show.


Oh, yeah, that's right. Of course. Yeah. Yeah.


Which that was a lot of fun. Yeah. God, you know what? I have no sense of time,


John. Just none. No, it really, well, I think, you know, seasons change


while you're in your house, but you don't notice. Yeah. You know, all kinds of


seasons, right? Yeah. Yeah. Now, how long have you been doing Levitably?


How many years now? Well, we started in mid 2017. So we are


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