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Johnny TV & Taya Valkyrie

AEW Unrestricted


Wrestling, Sports

4.81.9K Ratings

🗓️ 7 March 2024

⏱️ 42 minutes

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Johnny Loves Taya, starring Johnny TV and Taya Valkyrie, is the new, original scripted comedy series running on AEW’s YouTube Channel. Taya & Johnny explain what inspired the idea, how they pitched it to AEW, and what it’s been like to film. They talk about their puppy co-stars Presley and Bowie, shark parties, parkour injuries, Bearicane, John’s Hot Girl Valet era, and why they chose to base everything on their real lives! They also share stories about the Johnny Loves Taya theme song, the rom-com marketing posters, Slam Town, ROH, Dalton Castle, Killswitch, RJ City, Johnny Valkyrie, and amazing exits! Watch new episodes of Johnny Loves Taya every Wednesday at 9am: https://t.co/kib8AKKeNd AEW Unrestricted video episodes available Mondays at 1pm Pacific on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJ4e4Lb87XTzETPZyj7nZoJ4xPBjKdzgy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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We're about the party.


I'm restricted.


Got the house now.


We gonna turn it up up, bring the house down.


Got that big space pump and make them bounce now.


Flosin' like they're causing in the rinks are coming out now.


A-E-W Unrestricted Aubrey and Will Washington.


We are here today.


We are talking.


It's Thursday morning.


We got new episodes every week and I'm excited.


I love sitting around I love talking about all the cool things that


happen at E. W. all the things that happen on TV off TV on


on R.O.H. and all those sort of things and I love when media kind of transcends and we get to see


little bits of one genre pop into another genre and I was curious Will do you have a favorite romcom?


I don't know. Do you consider like the best man is considered a romcom or not?


But it is certainly romantic and a comedy


That's probably my answer so here's here's my answer because I think it's it's a little bit of an untraditional romcom. I love the movie super bad and I watched it recently and it doesn't hold up.


Well it's one of those like I feel like I've grown up a little bit and I've matured and I'm like oh I thought this was good at one point but I think it's a


rom com because it's both a bromance we get to see like all of these characters kind of like


combined together in like the goal of going to this awesome party but also their desire to you know


meet up with chicks and all this sort of stuff and I love it because there's this one


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