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John Paul Jones Sails Back from the War

America's Forgotten Heroes

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🗓️ 3 July 2021

⏱️ 56 minutes

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John Paul was the son of a Scottish gardener, denied a career as an officer in the Royal Navy due to his humble origins. Falsely accused of murder —twice — he abandoned a career as a successful merchant captain and ran to Fredericksburg, Virginia where he added the most common name he could find in order to hide from the authorities. When the American Revolution began, this experienced seaman now known as John Paul Jones volunteered his services to the new republic. Using third rate ships and often mutinous crews, he took the American Revolution to the citizens of Great Britain, raiding coastal ports and causing panic throughout Great Britain. He fought, and won, two duels with the Royal Navy in their home waters, and in one of them, as his ship was sinking beneath him, his British opponent called across over the musket and cannon fire to inquire if he had surrendered. “I have not yet begun to fight!” he replied. Through matchless heroism, John Paul Jones, alone, made it clear to the British that the Americans could never be defeated because they were so much like themselves. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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About halfway down the eastern coast of Britain, a small promontory extends about eight


miles from the Yorkshire coast.


It's called Flambeau Head, not too much to see there to be honest with you, unless


of course you were among the thousands of people gathered on the shore in the evening


twilight on the night of September 23rd, 1779.


Now on that particular night, the British subjects living on Flambeau Head saw something


that few people have ever seen and which none of them would ever forget.


Just after 7pm, a series of brilliant orange flashes lit the surface of the ocean 14 seconds


later came the deep-throated booms.


And for the next four hours, a strange, man-made blue cloud hovered over the ocean drifting


slowly to the north, constantly lit from within with brilliant flashes of orange that would


sometimes backlight the sails and rigging of two worships locked in a death struggle blasting


each other to splinters at point blank range.


Now certainly there could be no doubt about one of the combatants that dread pirate




Flambeau's distributed up and down the length of Great Britain showed just who they were


dealing with, a giant of a man with broad shoulders and muscular thighs.


He straddles a loose cannon like a colossus, a pistol raised in one hand and a wickedly


curving cutlass in the other.


Paul Jones the pirate, looking out over his dark, curly black beard with the injured and


angry expression of a man who has just been deeply wronged and his intent on making someone


pay for it.


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