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JOHN MULANEY Ruined a Precious Antique

Family Trips with the Meyers Brothers

Seth Meyers and Josh Meyers

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🗓️ 17 October 2023

⏱️ 76 minutes

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John Mulaney joins Seth and Josh right from his hotel room where they talk about John’s time as an altar boy growing up, going to mass while on vacation with family, getting kicked out of vacation homes, and so much more! Thanks again to Nissan for sponsoring this episode of Family Trips and for the reminder to find your more. Learn more at NissanUSA.com. Thank you to McDonalds for supporting this episode. McDonalds is 'Now Serving.' Much more than orders.

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Here we go. Pashi?




You had a weekend just now.


I did. You had a college reunion. Congratulations.


Thank you. I had my 25th, which feels weird to say a number that big, but my 25th


college reunion at Northwestern University and it was so great.


Like I've got a crew of people that I plan to go with and then there's just so many


other people that you know you you go to the party or you go you go out


out late night to like a late night bar that we go to and there's so many people to


talk to and see and it was beautiful. I cried twice.


Now what were your two cry points? I cry at performance. Interesting. But I also I'm very primed when I go to these


Reunions to cry like five years ago. I left the reunion from the game because you were


hosting S&L. Oh that's right. And so I had to say goodbye to everyone and I was


bawling when I say goodbye to everyone because I just I love I loved my time at


college I love my friends and to be saying goodbye to them really broke me down.


This year we were playing Howard University and football and we were sort of like on this terrace where alumni go and hanging out and chatting and like kind of watching the game on a screen but you don't have a great shot of the field.


And a friend of mine, we were just chatting


and he was like, oh yeah, and Howard,


they have like this incredible marching band,


like, so that should be fun.


And the only time we went to our seats was at halftime to watch


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