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Joel Kinnaman (Re-release)

Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Anna Faris

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🗓️ 8 November 2023

⏱️ 69 minutes

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In this flashback episode, Joel Kinnaman [The Killing, RoboCop, Suicide Squad, For All Mankind] talks with Anna about trying to break his friend’s arm, learning to apologize, tall poppy syndrome, how his marriage proposal nearly led to incarceration, his least favorite press questions, humility, family, working at McDonald’s, and more.

Later in the episode, Anna and April Beyer talk with a listener who faces the tough choice of staying with his partner in a small town or chasing his dreams in the big city.

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Hey everyone you know the guest of today's flashback episode from the 2014


Robocop remake the Suicide Squad the killing and for all mankind here's Joel Kinnaman. Ladies and gentlemen, you were listening to Unqualified with your host, Honor Ferris. I just trained


trained so I'm like drenched and sweat.


What did you do? Do you mind my asking workout talk?


I just have my friend over and we were wrestling in my garage.


I trained a martial law called Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


You basically just try to choke each other's arms and when someone is in a position to do that,


then you, the other person gives up and then you start over.


Are you a fair loser, just in general? Yeah, I think I am. Are you a good


apologizer in general? Yeah, I am. I don't mind apologizing actually. I don't mind


it at all. If it can end the fight, I'm very happy to I think I learned from my mom


She was very good at those kind of things instilling those sort of morals of not having an ego in


Resilutingly fight.


Okay, so Joel, will you tell us about Pectus Excavatum?


So Pectus Excavatum is this skeletal deformity.


I think it's the formity that happens in one in 200 to some degree and they grade this to a 1 to 10 and I had like a 7 and a half to eight in severity.


So it was pretty severe.


And what it is is that it's your sternum


continues to grow when it shouldn't.


And what happens is that it pushes the sternum in and creates this concave chest.


So I realized that I look different, you know, maybe when I was maybe 9- I mean look notice that it was different but then it was more kind of fun I remember I could you know I could have for like almost a whole soda in the whole and I would drink it from a straw.


That was pretty creative.


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