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Jesus Still Heals

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Breakaway Ministries

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🗓️ 4 October 2023

⏱️ 55 minutes

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Have you lost hope? This week, Executive Director Brian McCormack walks through Luke 4:38-41 and reminds us of the ultimate healing Jesus provides through the gospel.

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Howdy and welcome to the Breakway Podcast. Thanks for listening. Breakway is a Bible study recorded


on the campus of Texas A&M University. To stay up to date on all things Breakway,


follow us on social media at Breakway Men. That's Breakway M-I-N. Breakway exists to help


any and every college student take their first or next step with Jesus. And whether you're in


college or not, we hope this podcast helps you do just that. Today's message is from Executive


Director Brian McCormick. My goodness. My goodness, you all stay standing just for a moment.


Before we open the Bible together, I got to admit I was just kind of living some teenage dreams out


as we were singing. I was actually standing in the tunnel. Kind of pretending, you know,


just kind of never quite got to be that guy. I'm not going to lie. I was imagining a couple things.


I feel like the Lord put an image on my mind. If you think of some of the moments of like the most


audacious slagger of recent college football history, it's when one player who's probably going to


get yelled at later, if we're honest, takes like the school flag and runs to the 50 yard line,


either before or after the game on the road and just plants the flag in the middle of the enemy's


logo and then starts either dancing, you know, celebrating with the team. I just feel like the


Lord wants to throw a flag down tonight. He's inviting you to be a part of that. I believe he's


putting two flags down. One of them, in this moment, if you're wondering, what is God doing


among your generation? What is God doing among college students in this season and in this moment


in redemptive history? He's putting a flag down in the middle of your generation and saying,


mine, mine, you belong to me and I've plans for you and we have plans together and we're moving


forward. My name will be known. My glory will be known. My kids will be empowered and healed and


saved. He's putting a flag down in the middle of the generation and, hey, warning, that looks like


he's going heart by heart and either for the first time in a new way of fresh tonight, he wants


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