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January 6: Day of the Rope

Long Shadow

Long Lead & PRX & The Trace & Campside Media

Narrative, 9-11, History, Terrorism, Anniversary, America

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🗓️ 24 May 2023

⏱️ 56 minutes

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Emboldened by COVID lockdown protests and fighting Black Lives Matter demonstrators, far-right extremists and white power groups prepare to overthrow the government on Jan. 6… or a later date.

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This episode contains audio and descriptions depicting violence, as well as some harsh language.


Please take care when listening.


Now to growing concerns about the deadly coronavirus, officially hitting the U.S.


Here's what we know. On January 20, 2020, America recorded its first confirmed case of a novel


virus that would come to be called COVID-19. A Washington state resident fell ill after returning


for Wuhan, China, where the outbreak began. Cases of the virus first broke out in Washington state,


then Illinois, Arizona, California. One case here, two cases there.


The novel coronavirus outbreak spreading across the world, now hitting the United States from


coast to coast. At the beginning of March, there were 60 reported cases across the country.


By March 14, there were 2700, and the deaths were only just beginning.


So I'm glad to see that you're practicing social distancing. That looks very nice.


At a press conference, President Trump, who had initially downplayed the virus,


recommended that everyone stay home. As we combat the virus,


siege in every one of us has a critical role to play in stopping the spread and transmission


of the virus. Over the next few days, people cleared grocery store shelves and prepared for the


worst, and those who could stayed home watching the case count rise exponentially.


Coronavirus cases here in New York City jumped by more than 6,000 in a single day.


Hospitals are at their max. Doctors, nurses, face a rising tide.


We are scared too. We're fighting for your lives and we're fighting for our own lives.


People who were stuck at home praised those doing battle in the hospital,


clapping and banging pots and pans in support at the end of every day.


And for a few weeks, amid the darkness of what we were facing,


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