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Jack Smith Documents, Trump on Obama Wars, & Psychiatric Drugs

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🗓️ 24 April 2024

⏱️ 59 minutes

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In the morning show, Joe Hoft stands in for Joe Oltmann as the host and discusses Caitlin Clark's remarkable basketball career and documents suggesting the involvement of Biden's DOJ in the case against Trump. Later, guest Sheila Matthews shares her research on the harmful effects of psychiatric drugs on children, particularly regarding ADHD. Sheila highlights the link between these drugs, mass shooters, and the push to convince young individuals they are transgender. The show concludes with a message emphasizing that these drugs are often unnecessary lifestyle choices rather than essential treatments.

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That opening is always fantastic.


Thanks guys, really appreciate it.


This is Joe Hoff.


I'm here on the Joe Oatman show today


as a guest host.


I hope you enjoy it.


As many of you know, I already follow this show daily weekdays Monday through Friday


in at the one one o'clock hour in eastern time and so it's a privilege and


hour to be here.


My understanding that Joe is taking a short break and we'll be back soon,


but I'm more than happy to be here and it's really an honor to do with you today.


So lots, lots to talk about.


I don't even know where to start.


I was just looking at the Gateway Pundit,


my twin brother Jim's site, and he's got a couple of my articles up and we're going to talk about one in particular but a piece that I wrote last night is about Caitlin Clark from formerly from the University of Iowa now with the Indiana Fever and the


WNBA first time I ever followed a woman basketball player ever in my life never


never gave a damn and last year I saw her in the finals of the NCAA and I was an


Iowa fan Jim and I both grew up in Iowa so I started following her and it's been a heck


of a great ride this past year she broke every record in NCAA history damn near in basketball,


both for points and assists, the leading score ever broke,


not just a women's record, but Pete Mer Pete Merovich's record for the men's.


She broke the most threes for a woman and not just a woman's record but


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