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Introducing: The Letter

Chasing Cosby

Los Angeles Times

Society & Culture, True Crime

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🗓️ 7 September 2022

⏱️ 36 minutes

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The Letter is a new original true crime podcast hosted by award-winning journalist Amy Donaldson. This 8-part narrative series tells the story of the brutal murder of Zachary Snarr, which took place in Salt Lake City, UT, on August 28, 1996. The Letter weaves a story of forgiveness, guilt, and what happens after the headlines die down and the real story begins. On Zach Snarr’s last day alive, he got up early to help his father at work, he cleaned the kitchen for his mother and he made his sister laugh. But on August 28, 1996, the 18-year-old never came home from his date with Yvette Rodier at a reservoir outside of Salt Lake City. Instead, two police officers and a chaplain came to ring the bell. It was every parent’s nightmare, a devastating loss that rocked a community and shattered lives. But Zach’s mother, Sy Snarr, finds hope from a most unlikely place and it comes in the form of a weekly phone call. Get more information and photos at theletterpodcast.com. Head to https://link.chtbl.com/TheLetterPodcast to listen to the second episode.

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Hi, we have a series we'd like to share with you from our friends at Lemonada Media and KSL.


It's called The Letter. All you hear in the news are these graphic details of crime, but


what comes after that? In this new podcast, journalist Amy Donaldson explores how lives can be


remade and restored through the story of one survivor, as she forges a new path forward after


receiving a life-changing piece of correspondence. The letter is True Crime upside down. You're about


to hear the first episode of The Letter. After you listen, search for the letter wherever you get


your podcasts to hear the second episode. New episodes every Tuesday. Before we get started,


a warning to listeners. This podcast includes descriptions of gun violence and associated trauma.


Please take care when listening.


Sysnar builds her Monday mornings around this phone call. She's so excited when she sees the caller


ID, she nearly drops the phone. George? Hi, George. How are you? I'm good. It's so good to hear from


you. I've wondered, I've been wondering if you got your vaccine yet. She leans back against the couch


in the same living room where her life unraveled 25 years ago.


Hey, I sent you a letter you should be getting it any day.


On the wall behind her are four large black and white portraits that freeze her children in time


as teenagers in the 90s. It was a time once I couldn't imagine the painful turn their lives were about


to take. To understand why that Monday morning phone call is so significant, we have to go back to


the day that Sysnar's world fell apart. It was in that same house in a quiet Salt Lake City neighborhood.


I came running in the house. I was late and I had somewhere to go. It was August 28th, 1996.


For Sys and her close-knit family, it was a day just like every other day.


And I'd been gone all day and came through the back door and I noticed my kitchen was spotless


and I had not left it that way. And Zach was standing right there and I said, who cleaned my kitchen?


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