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Introducing The Last Archive

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🗓️ 8 August 2023

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Today we're sharing an episode from another Pushkin podcast we love called The Last Archive. The fourth season of The Last Archive just dropped and it's full of truly unexpected stories and big ideas.

The episode you will hear today, "Player Piano," is an audio biography of one of the most famous composers of the 20th century who most people have never heard of: Raymond Scott. He wrote tons of hits in the '30s and since then his music has been sampled by Lizzo, J. Dilla and the Gorillaz.

Aside from being an avid composer, Scott was also an inventor. And later in his life, he was hired by Motown Records to create a machine that could help people write songs. He called it The Electronium.

Today's episode is a crazy piece of musical history, and just a wild story. Be sure to subscribe to The Last Archive to hear other episodes about time travel, invasive species panics, freelance wiretappers-turned-evangelists, and secret science fiction family histories, and more.

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Hello everyone, Malcolm Gladwell here. Before you hear this episode, I want to let you


know about another podcast that you might be interested in. This season on Revisionist


History, I'm diving into one of the weirdest and most infuriating corners of American


life, guns. Six episodes that will take you all away from the Supreme Court to 17th


century England, to the wilds of Alabama and to the streets of the south side of Chicago.


It's our biggest series yet and one you won't want to miss. You can binge listen to all


six episodes early and add free by subscribing to Pushkin Plus on Apple Podcasts or by visiting


Pushkin.fm slash plus or you can listen to the episodes weekly in the Revisionist History


Podcast feed.


Hey everyone, we're taking the week off here at Broken Record, but while we're away,


I wanted to introduce you to a show from a friend of mine called The Last Archive. The


episode from that show that I'm playing for you today is an audiobiography of one of


the most famous composers of the 20th century, who most people have never heard of Raymond


Scott. Whether you know him or not, you know his music. He wrote tons of hits in the


thirties, a lot of them were used in the Looney Tunes cartoons and some really iconic moments.


But if you're not a cartoon aficionado, you probably know him from being sampled by


the likes of Lizzo, Jay Dilla, Gorillas and more. But what even most fans of Scott don't


realize is he wasn't just a songwriter. He was also an inventor. And later in his life,


he was hired by Motown Records, V Motown Records run by Barry Gordy to create a machine that


could help people write songs. He called it the electronic. It's just one of the crazy


histories uncovered in this season of The Last Archive. You can check out all the other


episodes from season four now. There's something for everyone stuff on time travel in


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