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Introducing: The Godmother

Good Assassins

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🗓️ 15 January 2024

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In the 1930s, Lucky Luciano, one of American history’s most notorious mobsters, was finally taken down by a rookie prosecutor. Eunice Carter was one of the first Black Women ever to become a prosecutor in America. She operated from the heart of the Harlem Renaissance to navigate the corrupt world of downtown Manhattan politics, and a deeply racist and sexist pre-civil rights American society. But her pioneering role in what became known as the “trial of the century” has been forgotten by popular history. Hers is the story of a writer, social worker, mother, teacher, sister, socialite, political candidate, community organizer and unheralded pioneer. This eight part immersive podcast is hosted by poet and writer, Nichole Perkins. It tells the story of Eunice Carter: a bad-ass anti-hero unafraid to bend the rules in pursuit of ambition, justice and legacy. Listen to The Godmother on the iHeartRadio App or wherever you get your podcasts. https://www.iheart.com/podcast/1119-the-godmother-141201920/

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I'm Nicole Perkins and in my new podcast the Godmother I'm inviting you to


1936 New York to a Manhattan courthouse.


At the time it was called the trial of the century.


They had snipers on the roofs in Foley Square.


They had police officers with riot guns in the hallway. On the stand was one of America's most notorious gangsters,


a man named Lucky Luciano.


He is called sometimes the boss of bosses.


The Godfather was a great film based partly on the Luciano legend.


At this trial, on a crisp spring morning, in the middle of the Great Depression Lucky would finally be brought down.


Poor old Luciano said, holy Toledo, you're giving me a life sentence?


Everybody generally agrees that that was the nail in Lucky's coffin.


But beneath the glitz, the glam, the grime,


and the notoriety of this moment in American history.


There's another story that's being overshadowed,


a name that's been left out of the Hollywood retellings.


Eunice Carter.


There's a better story to be told.


A more complex story.


But for a Unis Carter, I don't know that Luciano would ever have been convicted.


Eunis Carter was a black female lawyer in 1930s America who took down one of history's most notorious




Eunice Carter was the spark that started the fire.


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