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Introducing Season 2 of the Coffee Break Spanish Show

Coffee Break Spanish

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🗓️ 23 May 2024

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We're back with Season 2 of the Coffee Break Spanish Show! In this podcast series we help you take your intermediate Spanish to the next level, one coffee break at a time. Throughout the 10-episode series we cover a range of topics to help you deepen your understanding of tricky grammar, broaden your vocabulary, and improve your pronunciation. You'll sound like a native speaker in no time!

Prefer to watch these lessons? You can do exactly that for free on Coffee Break TV, and download the episodes to your device so you can access them on the go. Or, you can head to our Coffee Break Spanish YouTube channel to access the video version of each podcast episode there. Remember to subscribe to our channel so that you don’t miss an episode.

That's not all... each episode of the Show is accompanied by a blog article to increase your understanding of the topics covered.

See you next Thursday 30th May for the first episode of the series!

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Introducing the Coffee Break Spanish Show Season 2.


Welcome to the Coffee Break Spanish Shore.


Bienvenidos A Coffee Break Spanish Show.


Beenvenidos A Coffee Break Spanish.


Welcome to the Coffee Break Spanish Show.


Josai Mark.


I'm chondcha.


This is part of our series, The Break Spanish Show and these are weekly episodes


where we're helping you take your Spanish to the next level one coffee break at a time.


So what are we going to talk about today, Mark?


Good a question.


Because I, is we're Orlando. They last. to talk about today Mark. We are going to be talking about how to give commands in Spanish.


So today we are going to be talking about how to give commands in Spanish.


So today we are going to be talking about how to express obligation in Spanish.


I will have a very important verb in Spanish.


And that verb is?




We are going to share with our learners some tricks to interact in cafes and shops and sound


like a native speaker.


Boys, empe them us?


I'm going to say yeah.

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